Relaxed holidays in Peloponnese

Kalo Nero

Kalo Nero is a seaside village, surrounded by a breathtaking endless beach.
So near the city of Kiparissia the area reserve its own brand-name: calm, friendly all the year, that is also good for every family to rest there.

The amazing 14 kilometers beach with the yellow sand and pebble of different size and colour is washed with Ionio sea and gives to you the opportunity to forget about all your problems and to have unforgettable emotions of your relaxing admiring the blue sea in front of you, the last years is significant and substantial increase in tourism of Kalo Nero with resorts, hotels, hostels, apartments, cafes and taverns or restaurants are surrounded near the sea.

It is said, that it would be the most important place in Greece where you can meet the turtles Caretta-Caretta, where they dig their nest and lay there their eggs, their new generation.

If you need something like this to exist in your holiday program,
to relax near the sea that will wash your feet (it is mean that you need not to do many kilometers every day to swim in the sea), you just can choose the Kalo Nero!

If you love the nature you can go for a walk to the gardens where the olive trees and grapes are getting to be a good harvest,
and if you like you will see closely the posses of picking olives and harvesting!

If you want full privacy with silent and full relax the Kalo Nero is the best place for this!


Only 5 km distance from our hotel. Walk up the cobblestone streets of the Upper Town and climb to the “Castle of Giants” or “Castle of Arcadia” for a stunning view of the Ionian Sea. Ancient writers took note of Cyparissia's beautiful situation upon the sides of one of the offshoots of the range of mountains, which run along this part of the Messenian coast. Upon the narrow summit of the rocks later occupied by a castle built in the Middle Ages, stood the ancient acropolis. 

The Neda waterfalls

Beautiful view. Wonderful feeling of bathing in cold water at 40 degrees heat. Very difficult to reach by car - only for very good drivers. The car must be in excellent condition engine and brakes.

The old watermill

It is located in Myloi village. An original watermill that is still functional during the weekends. Of course there is a little shop with local and selfmade specialties. Worth the visit altough relatively small.